Advirtuoso Colors

We identify and place the right networks, test markets and time slots that optimize response rates depending on your target audience.

Advirtuoso TV


Advirtuoso’s team is well known throughout the industry for experience, professionalism, sharp negotiating and consistently delivering profitable results.

Our buyers have extensive background in long-and short-term media, are highly motivated and aggressive, and are incentivized based not only in delivering, but also bringing in profitable bottom-line results for each campaign.

The result is a dedicated media team passionately focused on optimizing your return on investment, every day

Whether you are buying Hispanic network cable, network, or local television, Advirtuoso’s team can plan, negotiate and execute a TV media buy effectively and efficiently. Armed with experience and media savvy, our buyers can navigate swiftly through the complex world of Hispanic TV to help you reach your target audience using the right TV mix.

Advirtuoso Radio


If you’re buying National or local Hispanic Radio, Advirtuoso’s experiences team can plan, negotiate and execute a radio buy quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are direct response advertiser, a packed goods marketer or a retailer,

We can create a custom radio schedule designed to suit your specific needs and reach your target audience.

digital marketing


Social Media: we know that a solid social media plan is not just about posting the right content at the right time, it’s more about creating a strong relationship with your target audience. Together, we’ll develop a solid social media strategy and find relevant conversations that already exist online and show you how to get involved. We understand the importance of staying human and keeping your brand authentic, so we’re committed to getting your message across in a way that will resonate with your customers.